Total Information Outsourcing (TIO)

Outsourcing of business informations systems is being revolutionized by the worldwide availability of broadband Internet and by the ubiquitous access to innovative Web services designed for the Enterprise. Buzzwords such as Web 3.0, Enterprise 2.0, SOA, SaaS, PaaS or Cloud simply mean that a company can now be entirely run through the Web using abrowser, a laptop or a mobile phone and a wireless access to the Internet. Total Information Outsourcing (TIO), from corporate servers to business applications, from online consulting to corporate information sharing, from e-learning to business process management, has become a relevant alternative to accelerate the implementation yet reduce the costs of corporate information systems. It also provides new opportunities for business optimisation which go far beyond the mere outsourcing of tangible and intangible IT facilities.

The first goal of the TIO workgroup is to study the consequences of TIO on Infrastructure Freedom. The second goal of the TIO workgroup is to provide definitions and guidelines - a.k.a. TIO Libre - to implement TIO without losing Freedom and Control of the Enterprise information system. Definition and guidelines are expected to be summarized in a research article. The third goal of the TIO workgroup is to increase the awareness of the market for TIO Libre solutions which provide a relevant alternative to proprietary TIO solutions.

FFII TIO Working Group

FFII started a working group on September 2008 to study TIO in the Information Infrastructure Freedom. This Wiki tries to provide a overview of TIO tools, services and practices. It will eventually lead to recommendations in the area of TIO to companies and governements looking for TIO services which are compatible with ""Information Freedom"".

Members of the working group are:

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